YUMC Newsletter

The Monthly Newsletter of YUMC. It has important updates from the church and a note from our Pastor.

  • Schools Out [free] event, Christmas Eve communion and candlelight, UWF, Men's Group, NETworX Yadkin, and more!

  • Honoring Everette Hartzog, Playground Dedication, Fall Bazaar, United Women in Faith, NETworX Yadkin and more!

  • Pumpkin Patch, Fall Bazaar, Storytelling, NETworX!

  • NETworX Yadkin - working the garden, canned goods for SALE!

    New Horizons Adult Day Services GRAND RE-OPENING in September

    United Women of Faith

    Leadership Team

    and more!!

  • NETworX Yadkin

    Port-a-Pit Fundraiser for Mountain Valley Hospice

    Yadkin Rotary Blood Drive

    United Methodist Women

    August Mission Focus

    Missionary: Joy Prim

    and more!

  • NETworX Yadkin, Fall Bazaar Update, UWF and more!!

  • United Women in Faith, Leadership Team, Holiday Bazar (coming in November!), and much more!

  • Schools Out Event May 10th, Live Like Norah Foundation, United Women in Faith, NETworX Yadkin and more!

  • Holy Week, United Women in Faith,  NETworX Yadkin and more!

  • Lighthouse Congregation, UWF Prayer Breakfast, Invitation to a Tea Party, and more!

  • Leadership Team Retreat, UMW News, NETworX and more!

  • Happy New Year!